Christmas Before and Afters

As you all know, we moved into our new home just a couple of days before Christmas last year. We are so unbelievably blessed and grateful for this home; I love it more than any home we have ever lived in! But even so, I still have this teensy weensy little passion for making things beautiful and I couldn’t wait to make it ours. And it was Christmas! So while most may have thoughts of Sugar Plum Fairies dancing through their heads, my brain was singing a different tune. Despite the boxes and stuff literally wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling in some rooms (did I mention we downsized??), the thought that kept floating its way around the back of my head was…

“These cabinets would look so beautiful painted white with fresh garland across the tops…”

Sung to the tune of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas!” Do you agree?? Here was our home last year on Christmas day :).

Merry Christmas to all and to all a…need to fit all of this stuff somewhere!!!! 

You guys. I am such a sucker for a good “Before and After” photo. My Pinterest feed is filled with them, but I have never had the chance to do my very own before and after because we’ve always rented and Brian has–rightly so–not let me spend a dime or a minute putting effort into a home that wasn’t ours. (He may have been right, but all you have to do is mention the “bathroom wallpaper” from our last home and I may or may not shed a tear or two.) Anyhow, I regress. Here’s another day in our new home, after a tiny bit more unpacking progress:

So, after several months of creative storage solutions, new appliances, a dab of paint here and there (shout out to Jillian who helped me paint the kitchen/living room!), my very first furniture make-over, a lot of elbow grease and some fresh garland…I present to you our kitchen this year on Christmas day 2018:


Did you see that I even turned a counter-height square table into a normal height oval table?? 🙂 Just kidding. We had to get a new table that actually fit in our new kitchen. A craigslist steal with a little paint and stain turned into my most favorite table ever!


Isn’t it amazing what can happen in just one year?!! I pray that as we enter this new year, that you would be able to look back and remember what the Lord has done in your life, and look forward to 2019 with great expectancy about what He will do in your heart in the year to come!!

One more great before and after for you…check out how these two kids have grown up in the last six years!! #christmasjammies


Merry Christmas and Happy 2019!!! 


  1. Job well done, Susanne! White cabinets are timeless, clean & elegant. We love what you & Brian have done! What a nice way to start a new year! Love to all, A.Adele & U.Serge xxxooo

  2. Oh Sus, it’s just beautiful. Just look at what one little vision of a Christmas garland can lead to…you are bursting with beauty…<3

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