New Mercies Monday: Gratitude

I started this post LAST Monday, and after a particularly challenging week it feels like the perfect day to take a moment to stop, pause, think about how great our God is…and finish this post!!

The truth is, I fall asleep every night thanking God for so many victories every day…small things that I used to take for granted…but isn’t it true? It’s often only when something is taken away that you even realize it was something you took for granted. There a hundred mundane-to-the-world events that are taking place in my world every day that spur on such a deep sense of gratitude. What’s one example, you ask? Doing the dishes. A year and a half ago that was literally impossible for me. I’m so thankful I can do the dishes!!!

A year ago, we gathered with these same dear friends on Thanksgiving and the walk we took after dinner felt equivalent to climbing Everest. This year, piece of cake pumpkin pie! Thank you, Lord!!

So grateful for these friends, for dear Suz whose warm hospitality oozes from every aspect of the day, from the mouth-watering gravy to the beautiful table to the strong embraces; for OJ who keeps us in non-stop laughter; and for their precious children who delight our lives. So thankful for the gifts of these beloved friends who love us deeply, extravagantly and unconditionally, who spur us on, and who share their lives with us.


And the Wallaces!!! Sound the horn! We haven’t seen them in years but they squeezed us into their busy in-town-for-a-short-few-days schedule. Such a joy to see their boys all grown up (sniff, sniff…I have a picture of me holding Nathan as an infant!!!) and to get to visit with them. Today also happens to be Amy’s birthday…so shout out to Amy for turning another year older and STILL looking EXACTLY like she did when I met her…what? TWENTY years ago???!!! Unbelievable. Please share with us your secret to the fount of youth!!


Ooooh and my precious family. Look at these cousins. We are missing Cypher, Andrew and Courtney…but they were in our hearts and their artwork was on the mug all the grandkids made for my mom!! My mom prepared a fantastic Thanksgiving feast, as always, and turned a year older the same day. Have I mentioned how thankful I am to be near my mom? What would I do without her? Without her prayers, without her laugh, without her friendship, without her stuffing and apple pie?? Thank you, Lord, for this dear mother of mine.

My parents have generously and thoughtfully taken all the daughters/granddaughters to the Nutcracker each year. It is a tradition that we all very much look forward to, but I will say that Selah CANNOT.STOP.TALKING.ABOUT.IT starting from about July! “When’s the Nutcracker?” is a question we hear for months around here! This year Aunt Melanie and the girls flew in for the win and now we are just missing Joanne and Courtney…so…maybe next year!! 🙂 Seriously, could the girls POSSIBLY be any cuter in those matching dresses???? GAH!!!


Your turn. What about you? What are you thankful for? What new mercies has He given you today? I’d love to hear your comments!!


  1. Ohmygracious OHMYGOODNESSGRACIOUS…it’s like you wrote the very song my heart’s been humming right here in this blog. So very grateful, especially for you dearest Mobergs. We still have your “Home” card up in our house and yesterday OJ pointed to the picture and said, “Do you see it, right there in the background?” Do you remember that card? Have you noticed? Anyway…such a picture… Jer 32:15

    Thank you for putting this feeling in my heart into beautiful words!!

    1. Oh MY goodness…NO!! I did not realize the house was right there in that picture!! Right beneath the word “Home” of all places!!! Look at that. Jeremiah 32:15. Yes. Amen. Wow…What a Shepherd we follow. Love you.

  2. This has to be one of my all time favorite posts! I love everything about it, and what a testimony it is to the faithfulness of our God!!

  3. SERIOUSLY — ALL the girls couldn’t look any cuter! What a great post, Susanne, so uplifting! Yes, there is much to be grateful for every day! Sending love to all, as always…A. Adele & U. Serge xxxooo

  4. Thankful, grateful,blessed to have love,friendship,and the Lord in our lives daily. Twelve years ago today, God granted Pam a second life and we celebrate His love and her rebirth.
    We celebrated Thanksgiving with our son and daughter their spouses and all six grandchildren. We gave thanks for all the freedoms we have, for the Lord and for those who gave their lives, their time, their sacrifices so we could enjoy the love of family during this holiday season. As this season begins, let not the lights, the material gifts, the decorations oversee the true meaning of the season. It is the birth of Christ which we are thankful.

  5. I am so grateful that we are close enough to be of help, and that a side effect of your illness is that we have gotten to spend more time with Elliott and Selah. I love how they start talking even BEFORE they get in the car when we pick them up, and how they want us to know about their lives. And yes, we HAVE seen the turtles… 🙂 I’m thankful that you have a house and land that you love to steward, and only wish we could move it around the corner from us. I was doubly blessed by your organizing the special coffee mug with all the drawings, and will treasure it always.

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