Selah trots into 4 year old land!

Well, we tried to keep it simple this year and therefore brought two ponies to our house for Selah’s 4th birthday! #palmtoforehead #itried #ilovecelebrating!!!!! Sometime you’ll have to ask me how the story unraveled, but I’ll just say somewhere in the middle of the story Selah became unwavering in her conviction about wanting an animal… Continue reading Selah trots into 4 year old land!

Our little gymnast

There she goes!!!

Meet Selah at one year old: From what I recall, this might have been the very first time she was on a playground that had something that was “hangable”. I remember that she RAN towards that slide, grabbed onto the top part, and turned into half monkey ;). Actually, she’s always been part monkey. Crawling at 6 months,… Continue reading Our little gymnast

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