First Days of School!

I have a vivid memory of holding Elliott as a brand-spankin’-new newborn and thinking, “I AM NEVER SENDING MY BABY┬áTO KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT KIND OF CRAZY PEOPLE SEND THEIR BABIES TO SCHOOL???!!!!!!” But alas…the day has come, and I am now that crazy person :). Honestly, I had no tears or sadness surrounding Elliott’s first day…I… Continue reading First Days of School!

Summer of ’16

Re-live our summer with us through pictures! The Pueblo Zoo also held another first for us…our sweet Selah got stung by a bee for the very first time…TWICE! I know that’s not technically possible…we think it must have gotten stuck under her skort, tried to sting her once but didn’t get its stinger out and… Continue reading Summer of ’16