Musings from a 2 year old

I often tell Brian that I wish I could bottle Selah up to remember her like this forever…Two is seriously my favorite age and she is so articulate and hilarious that she keeps me laughing all day long. Oh, the STORIES that she comes up with…they are incredible. This girl’s imagination is VIVID and she always has a story to tell about everything.

She also, however, has some stage fright. 🙂 So anytime I pull out my phone to take her picture or record her, she stops acting like her normal self but then wants to see what I’ve recorded! I have been trying so hard to get her on video without her knowing because I want to capture the essence of HER…and, folks, I did it :). She had been talking to me already for several minutes and I somehow casually placed my phone on my leg and pushed record without her knowing…until the end, of course. This video is CLASSIC Selah…first of all, she’s wearing her shirt backwards because when she dresses herself in the mornings she usually takes some artistic license with how her clothes should be worn. Today, her shirt was backwards and it was very intentional. (You all just wait for that to become a trend!) And her backwards shirt is covered in watermelon juice because…because she’s the second child :). Her hair’s a disaster because it’s after her nap and well, seriously…this is classic Selah. Feel free to watch below to catch a glimpse of our imaginative little girl…and bonus points if you can catch everything she’s saying!




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