Summer Time!

We took our kids on their very first hike to celebrate Kari's birthday! It was so much fun!!!

We’ve had such a FUN summer. I have been healthy, my kids are MORE FUN THAN EVER and we have just had a BLAST. Some highlights in photos:

We swam.
And looked adorable doing it :).
We played with friends.
We went to the Denver Aquarium.
Where Selah petted a tiger.
Siblings that paint together, stay together.
He doesn’t even mind getting his hands dirty anymore! ­čÖé
We went to a kids’ roller coaster park.
Aaaaand, we moved. Because what would we do with ourselves if we didn’t move at least once every year?
Elliott was seriously an INCREDIBLE helper…everyday he would beg me to pack up more boxes so he could help.
This little darling didn’t miss out on the moving action.
And, what good would a move be if it didn’t have a little adventure mixed in? While Brian was driving the moving truck to our new home, the rest of us realized we were locked out. My big brother saved the day, climbed a window, and broke into our new home! (Have no fear: he didn’t really “break” in…the previous renters had left a window open, so he just had to pop out the screen…)
This picture does a great job of summing up how exhausted we all were. (This is totally not posed!!) We could never have made it without Brian’s parents help to finish packing up the old house and unpacking in the new house, or without my parents–who fed us for the first two days we moved in to keep us all alive.
Brian and I were SO tired, that we took a day to get away and go to Water World (coolest water park EVER!) (Yes, it’s blurry. That’s how tired we were…)
Brian asked Elliott if he wanted to help him set up shelves in the garage, and Elliott immediately ran to get his working guy gear so he could help. Such a mini Brian (minus the striped Polo shirt)…I love it.
We got a little settled in, and went on a road trip…
I’ll just post the pictures of them sleeping because that was pretty much what they did the whole trip. (OR NOT, haha!) But we all survived :).
We went to the zoo multiple times.
And always fed the giraffes. *Note: it’s apparently a requirement to stick your tongue out like the giraffe while feeding him.
We did a LOT of trampoline jumping on our new toy. (Don’t worry: it does have a net!)
Our little gymnast is BESIDE herself with joy!
Grandma & Grandpa came to visit TWICE!! This was to commemorate one of our Focus on the Family trips. Selah apparently didn’t want to commemorate.
We learned a letter a day and did a fun craft to go along with it.
Selah learned right along with Elliott!
At the beginning of the summer I drew a few shapes to build a car out of construction paper and was a little shocked when the big man did an incredible job of cutting all the shapes out! His cutting skills are pretty awesome at this point, and he loved cutting out each letter for the coresponding craft.
“M” is for marshmallows!
We BBQed with friends. Our new house came with a BBQ!! I’ve always DREAMED of having a BBQ!!
The littles eating BBQ
We went to Chic-fil-a. And even met the cow!
Grandma & Grandpa got us a baby pool and this Baby Bean did LOTS of lounging out by the pool!!
All of Brian’s family came to visit!
We played at tons of parks, including this really cool modern one that we found!
We rode bikes almost every day.
This little girl got SO GOOD at the Stride Bike that I often have to run to catch up to her!!
We baked muffins and banana bread and ate outside on the patio.
During one of Grandma & Granpa’s visits, everyone went to The North Pole while I was at a bridal shower.
This girl DIGS motorcycles. Seriously. Especially motor cycles from The North Pole.
We took our kids on their very first hike to celebrate Kari’s birthday! It was so much fun!!!
Charlotte, Selah, Quinn, Elliott, and Ava
We had lunch with Daddy at work!
One of these things is not like the other one…
Aaand, these little ones spent more time than ever with me in the kitchen. Looking at those faces, would you be more than a little nervous to eat what’s in that pie??


Adios, Summer!! You’ve been good to us. Now, bring on the warm boots, cozy sweaters, beautiful leaves and all the colors and smells of FALL….!!!!

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