Preschool Man!

This big man started preschool! We are SO PROUD of him and excited for this newest adventure!

Some stats:

Age: Almost 3 1/2
Height: 41 1/2 inches
Shoe size: 11
Clothing size: 4 or 5T
Loves: Balls, trucks, cars, “tiny” Legos, READING, aaaaannnnddd….apple sauce.
Biggest accomplishments this summer: Writing his name all by himself, being able to identify the first letter of words that we give him, and mastering his pedal bike which he can now ride to our nearby park and back!

Not bad, eh? He’s written it many times, totally under his own volition.

On one of his many bike rides with Daddy.

When he grows up, he wants to be…: “A fireman.”
Favorite part of preschool so far: “I like to play there.”



I tell you what…THIS KID. He amazes us every day.

We have had such a fun summer together, learning and playing hard.

Here’s his Happy First Year of Preschool sign along with the overflowing abundance of artwork he and Selah did this summer!

Selah’s creations are on the left, and Elliott’s are on the right.

We let him pick out a new shirt to buy for his first day. He VERY excitedly found this one and insisted on it. We got him a new pair of tennis shoes that just happened to have cars on them as well :). We let him wear his new shirt on orientation day, which was, technically, his first day…

Orientation Day

The child loves cars!

My mom stayed home with Selah who had a little cold, and Elliott and I went to the orientation together.

It was so fun for him to pick out his name tag and find the bin with his name on it!

Aaaannnddd…they had cars out to play with…WIN.

His sweet teachers, reading, The Kissing Hand

After the orienation was officially over, he was READY to go. He really wanted a snack! So, out we went. The school has this “Fun Bus” that comes once a month…it’s like a mini gymnastics/obstacle course inside. Pretty fun, if I do say so myself! So he got to try it out that day.

We sat on a bench and ate his snack, and headed home!

His first official day!

Somehow, all three of us were fed and ready to go in time to snap a few pics before leaving at 8:30. Miraculous.

Giggly, goofy face

My handsome, big boy!!

“Say, what?!”


Daddy met us at preschool to see Elliott off on his very first day!

Little man, big world.

“Love you, Selah! BYE!”

LITERALLY running into the school, Selah trailing close behind…

“The Yellow Door” and a yellow-shirted sister running to join in on the photo. This big guy is always happy with Daddy by his side.

He went in without any problems and easily said, “goodbye.” When I picked him up, he wanted me to hold him and not put him down…not because he didn’t have a great time, but I’m pretty sure because he missed me :). My sweet boy. He told me he learned lots of new songs, but he couldn’t remember them all. By the time we got home, he had remembered one, and sung it for me: “Eyes are watching, ears are listening, voices quiet, body is calm…” He told me the names of a couple new friends that he really liked and said he had a great time. When I asked him if he wanted to go back, he said, “No,” and my heart stopped for a minute. “Oh, really, Buddy? How come?” He responded, “I only want to go to preschool when it’s a work day.” (As in, on the days that Daddy is working…as in, he wants to make sure he’s home when Daddy is home.) “Oh, sweet boy, yes, of course. You’ll only go on work days.” Bless my ever-living soul.

Here he is admiring the novelty of “the stamp” on his hand while eating lunch.

Stamp on the right hand!

Aaaannndd…the infamous question: “How did YOU do with his first day of preschool, Mama?” Well….to be honest, the whole experience has left me leaning much closer to the homeschooling side of the fence. We have had an AWESOME experience with the school so far and we love his teachers, so it’s not that we’ve had a negative experience at all. It’s just that he’s MY BOY. MY BOY…. And I cannot IMAGINE having him gone for more than 2 mornings a week. I asked Brian on the first day if he thought the teachers would mind if I asked them to give me a play-by-play of everything that happened and that was said and done for the 2 hours and 45 minutes that he was under their care. He responded with, “Well, yeah, since you did that for every one of your students, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.” Sigh. I know, I know…he’s only 3…my perspective will likely change as he gets older. But for now, I’m a leanin’…. 🙂 One of the biggest reasons we chose to enroll him in preschool is for the enrichment portions of it. This school has a little soccer program that he can be a part of, and he LOOOOOOOOVVVVVVES it. After his first day, he said to me, “Mom, I want to play soccer EVERY day!” So, hopefully as I get to see him come alive through some of these types of things, I will be more excited about his year away from me :).

That night, we all went out to dinner to celebrate his very first day! And it just happened to be, “get a free burger” night at RR!

Happy first day of preschool, our big man!!!



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