Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas to all!!!


I had big plans of baking a birthday cake for Jesus with Elliott on Christmas Eve, so we could throw a good ol’ fashioned birthday party on Christmas Day. And…it for sure didn’t happen this year :). Add it to the list of things to look forward to for next year!!

We made a big family breakfast and decided to let the kids open their first gift since we knew we would get home close to bedtime. We got Elliott Mr. Potato Head and Selah got the Mrs.! I THINK he’s only seen one of these once, but he recognized it RIGHT away and exclaimed, “I GOT A SWEET POTATO!!!”

“I have no idea what this is, but Elliott is REALLY excited about his and so I’m sure there’s a reason to be excited about mine, too!”


Our church didn’t do a Christmas Eve service so we searched around for a service to bring the kids to so we could sing some carols. We got a little bit dressed up…

Come ON, now!!! How adorable is this little Christmas baby?? (And, of course, the BEAUTIFUL stockings made by my dear friend Courtney!!)
Christmas Eve, 2013

…and made the trek all the way down to Centennial to attend a service that was offering camel and donkey rides afterwards :).

She was hesitant at first, but then really enjoyed the ride, I think!
She was hesitant at first, but then really enjoyed the ride, I think!
The boys.
The boys, and the cute donkey pony.

Then we all went out to eat at Panera together, which was very fun and unique for Christmas Eve :).



We let the kids open stockings before breakfast, and I’m pretty sure those little trinkets from the dollar store are some of their favorite gifts :). After our big breakfast, we dove into the pile of presents.

The Big Man on Campus

The big man got a big basketball hoop! (Can you see that he’s holding one ball in his left hand as he throws another one towards the hoop? That’s my boy :)).
Elliott loves his new truck from Uncle Kevin, Aunt Tabitha, Taylor, Hailey & Micah!

The Baby Bean

Selah was nothing short of PURE DELIGHT as she opened up each gift. Though she was MOSTLY passionate about climbing on the presents…

“This whole present thing is an awesome obstacle course!”

But when she finally got to open them, she would SCREAM at the top of her lungs as she opened each present, and then proudly show it off…


The Daddy of the House

I won’t even bother telling you about all of the thoughtful, nice gifts that I got for Brian, because THIS one was his favorite and the only one he talks about…

Brian’s “big” gift…
…a new trash can to hold our recycling that fits under our kitchen sink. No, seriously, this was his FAVORITE gift…you should ask him about it sometime!

La Mamacita

Apparently Santa picked up my several (hundred) (not-so) subtle hints about what I wanted…

…the two best gifts anyone could ask for AND…a Silhouette Cameo 🙂 🙂 🙂 :).

My other really fun gift was from Elliott, who apparently has been quite bothered by my “broken” slippers (they have had a hole in the toe for months)…he told Brian they should get me new slippers for Christmas!

When we started talking about opening gifts that morning, Brian said to Elliott, “Big Man! Should Mommy open the gift from you first?” And he instantly responded, “Yeah! They’re SLIPPERS!!” Hahaha!!!
Merry Christmas morning!!

We celebrated with my family the next day, and it was truly a memorable meal that involved smoke alarms and a ridiculous amount of smoke :). NOT my mom’s fault…definitely the oven’s fault, but wow–it was quite the ordeal. Doug and Melanie saved the day by keeping all the kids happily locked in my parents’ bathroom and playing very entertaining games to keep them laughing hard and distracted from all the craziness. Brian stood on top of a ladder and disabled the smoke alarm that wouldn’t quite ringing, and somehow, in the midst of it all, my mom STILL managed to produce the most phenomenal Christmas dinner. There’s just nothing like your mama’s cooking, is there?! It was excellent.

Here’s part of the Mauss clan! )Minus the Smith family, who wasn’t able to make it out to CO this year.)
I’m not afraid to say it: My nieces are the most beautiful nieces on the planet! (Including my niece Courtney who’s not pictured!!)

Haven’t had enough yet? Well, here you go:

Sporting her brother’s shades…
A little snow play…
Merry Christmas to all!!!






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