Selah B, 10 months!!

Oh my word, Selah is SO MUCH FUN. Her little personality continues to BLOSSOM and it is such a JOY to learn more and more every day about WHO SHE IS!!!

Selah officially has her first two words down this month!! She’s been saying “Mama” for a while, but just after she turned 9 months, she was using it consistently, in context, and without prompting…which is when we count it as an official word :). A couple weeks later, we noticed that every time we would say grace as a family before dinner and then say, “Amen,” Selah would say, “men!!” A few days later, Elliott was pretending he was going “Bye-bye,” so we were both saying, “Bye!” back and forth, when Selah chimed in and said, “Bye!” Then, right before she turned 10 months, she handed me a book and said, “Boo-ka!” Um, so cute. So since she doesn’t say “Bye” and “book” repeatedly, they’re not “official” words yet, but still! We’ve got a little talker on our hands!!

What else does she do now?

She snuggles.

Bless my ever-living soul. My girl has become a snuggler. She just DOES this now…unprompted. And when I put her down for bed, she pulls back and plants a huge open-mouth kiss on my lips.
Snuggle time and books before bed!


 She waves.

Yes, she was waving last month, but this month she is a waving MACHINE. She waves, “hello,” “goodbye,” and “night-night.”

She laughs.

SO happy to be outside!

She multiplies.


She “walks.”

She’s still getting comfortable with it, but she’s used her little walker a few times!

She flies.

You saw it here first, folks.

She chews.

On everything. But especially shoes.
Elliott’s are her favorite…


She does this.

And I have no idea why, or where she got it from, but is it not the cutest thing in the world?!!

And this.

Sassy pants.

She sleeps. 

Precious moments.

Finally, the girl sleeps! After many months of sleeping-through-the-night regression, she is back. She pretty much always makes it through the night on her own now, but if she does wake up, all she needs is this little pat-pat from her Daddy-O, and she goes right back to sleep. This Mama is happy :).

She gives back rubs.

“Don’t worry, Mama, I’ll rub your shoulders next!”

She puts everything on her head!!

Hmm…who’s hiding behind the hard hat?
Ohh! It’s YOU, Selah Bean!!!
“Look at this cool hat!”
“Does it look good, Mama?”
“Look! It fits perfectly!”
“Except I can’t see.”
“Oh NOW I can see!”

She loves bath time, and her big brother.

“Elliott, will you teach me how to wash my hair?”
“Like this, Selah!”

She loves the office.

Seriously, LOVES the office. When anyone is in there, she wants to be in there, too.

“Oh, come ON, Elliott! Let me in! Please?!!”

And when that door swings open, she books it inside and then shuts the door behind her.

“Victory. She’ll NEVER find me in here…especially since Elliott and I left all of these hand prints all over the glass. The windows are opaque now!”

She’s learning her boundaries.

I love watching her learn about boundaries. My love for training my kids is an entire other blog post, but I am remembering the joys of it this time around with Selah. She for sure knows her boundaries, and she for sure loves to test them :). She knows she’s not allowed to climb up the stairs by herself, and this particular morning I had forgotten to shut the gate. We were playing in the play room and suddenly she looked up and realized the gate was open…

And she gave me THIS face…
…and then crawled toward the open gate WHILE watching to see what I would do…
…then got to the open gate and paused…waiting for me to take action…

…and when I didn’t, you’d better believe she booked it up those stairs :). But you know what? That’s a VICTORY…because although she’s not fully staying within her boundaries yet, I love that she KNOWS what they are. But again, that is for another blog post :).

The other big boundary we have been working on is that some things are not okay to go in her mouth. She’s been pretty successful at listening to this one for a couple months now, but she started the cutest thing this month…when she puts something in her mouth that she’s not supposed to have in there and we say, “No, thank you, Selah!”, she hands it to us. Oh my word, it’s just too precious to even describe. So, watch this:

She LOVES rocks so much so that she eats them. This particular evening I thought it would be good to work on that little habit.

Well, she reached for a rock and the temptation overcame her. I reminded her it was a “no, thank you” to put it in her mouth.

She looked up at me and held the rock in front of her mouth while staring at me to see what I would do.

I looked at her with my “mom” face and said, “No, thank you, Selah…we don’t put rocks in our mouth,” and she immediately did this:

“Okay, Mama…here you go…”


She explores.

I can do this!
Her classic “sit” position. Especially when she’s studying…
Look what’s in here!
The tongs have been a popular toy in our house this month…oh, the endless fun you can have with tongs!
She always wants to know what’s going on “up here.”


She IS…Selah Bean, the wonderful.

Her personality has exploded this month…as I looked back over the pictures I couldn’t help but think, “Wow. Her personality is so apparent!” She is SO PASSIONATE. She is passionate about the bath tub, about not wanting to go to sleep, about heading out to the garage or anywhere outside, about the bathroom, about the stairs… Wow, is she passionate! And if anyone restricts her from her passions, she will LET YOU KNOW how she feels about that :). She is such a goofy, strong-willed, loud, SWEET little bundle of joy. It’s hard to believe that she can be such a strong combination of forceful and determined, yet snuggly and soft and lovey-dovey at the same time. What a gem. I love how God has knit her together.

Check out the personality in our sweet little 10 month old baby girl, just during one meal time!


Happy 10 months to our sweet Selah B.!!!!







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