The Baby Beta Belly

One day, Suzanna and I were waiting in the border line and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: “Hey, I’d really love to take some pregnancy family photos, and I was wondering if you were any good at taking pictures…?”

Suzanna (without hesitation and with a huge smile): “No!! I’m not!! But I would love to!!!!”

Well, the following are the handiwork of that “not-very-good-at-taking-pictures” woman! I have to make the disclaimer that I am very well aware of the fact that these finished photos (with my incredibly amateur editing skills using a free program) do not in any way compare to the skills of all of my amazing photographer friends, but…seriously, I couldn’t be happier with them!! I love them!!! It probably helps quite a bit that we live in a BEAUTIFUL place, but I’m telling you…Suzanna may be your next famous photographer!!

Here are a few of my favorites!!

Elliott wasn’t really into taking photos…note to self: a boy who loves the beach will not be content being held while we stand in sand…he only wants to be in the sand…

Rosarito Beach
Isn’t it beautiful?

We finally let Elliott sit down in the sand, which made him very happy :). He sat there watching the sand drop through his fingers like the most amazing miracle was happening before his eyes…


My sweet baby boy, who is now 17 months old!!

Studying a sand dollar with delight…
Our absolute FAVORITE…
This is a classic “Elliott laugh”…I love the way the sand is falling off of his feet here…such delight!

We let Elliott play in the sand for a bit and caught some couple shots:

I love my husband. And I think he loves me, too :).
My boys.

No beach trip is complete without being thrown into the air, right?

Pure delight!
Pure joy!
“Elliott, can you give your baby sister a kiss?”
35 weeks pregnant!



  1. Sunny beach, crashing waves, beautiful friends, loads of joy, and a fwam of a camera…a monkey could have taken good pictures. LET’S be honest. haha

    Oh, but y’all are even more beautiful from a few thousand miles away!!!

    1. Yes, you’re probably right about the monkey thing…but thank God you were born with opposable thumbs, too, because I don’t know any monkeys!!

  2. There are so many things I love about this…Suz and Sus living together, taking photos, prego beauty…it is all so good.


  3. So, wait–you’re only 35 weeks pregnant in these photos????


    Seriously, that red dress looks SO GOOD on you, and you do indeed look radiant. Does EB have any idea who he’s kissing in there?

    What a wonderful look into your lives.

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