3 years of wedded bliss!

Brian and I celebrated 3 years of wedded bliss on August 8. Honestly, I can’t believe we’ve only been married 3 years…I feel like I’ve been married to this man for a lifetime. I can hardly remember when he wasn’t my best friend, wasn’t my husband, wasn’t Elliott’s dad… Really? Just 3 years?? What joy these 3 years have been…

We had a pretty simple anniversary this year. I actually ended up spending the latter half of the afternoon and evening clinging not to my hunky husband, but rather to the porcelain throne, which was way too reminiscent of our very first anniversary when I was pregnant with Elliott and spent the entire day in bed, with my head buried in my vomit bucket. But that’s okay :).

It was fun for me to look back over the last year, and see how WILD it has been…how MUCH has happened in just a year!!

Check out this year in review:

August 2011 

Second year anniversary! (Our only anniversary when I HAVEN’T been pregnant.) While eating dinner at a Spanish restaurant called Tango in Seattle, we discussed the possibility of making a life-changing decision of moving to Mexico!

September 2011 

We decide to uproot our lives and start the process of joining YWAM. This is Elliott’s first time at the Puyallup Fair! We spent this month selling our furniture and preparing to move!

October 2011 

Our Goodbye Party in Tacoma!

November 2011 

On outreach in the Dominican Republic! Swimming in the Caribbean in November…glory!

December 2011 

In December, Elliott gets his very first taste of Christmas by opening presents in Mexico, Colorado and Washington!

January 2012 

We move to Mexico! This is on Rosarito beach, which is 2 minutes from our house!

February 2012 

Baby Beta!!

March 2012

Elliott turns one!!

April 2012

Our first month officially on staff with YWAM

May 2012

Officially DTS graduates! (I know, a little backwards…)

June 2012

At the Rosarito market

July 2012

Babymoon! A weekend away in San Diego.

August 2012

This is us, 3 years since “The Moberg Family” was established!

WHAT A YEAR, EH??!! So we celebrated this year by finding a fun pizza place in Rosarito (the day AFTER our anniversary, which happened to be vomit-free). The McDowells hung out with Elliott while we had a lovely evening out.

Ollie’s Pizza….mmm, delish. Note the restrooms behind us, ha!!
And dessert at “La Casa Blanca” (The White House) in a fun hotel in Rosarito.

Can YOU believe all that’s happened in a year!?!? What a journey we have been on! It’s so much fun to look back and see the Lord’s goodness, which makes it all the more exciting to look forward and trust Him for more.

Year four, I cannot WAIT to see what’s in store!!! Here’s to another year, my love!!


  1. Happy belated Anniversary!! Seems like only a month ago that we were in Seattle witnessing your marriage….You both still look wonderfully happy. God’s blessings on all of you for another glorious year!

    Aunt Paula and Uncle Joe xoxo

  2. Of course your love has led you straight to the White House! Such authority flowing from marital unity and the humility of the porcelain throne…haha! (Here’s a super over-spiritualized comment to make your day!)

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