Alert! Party Zone!

Construction signs everywhere!

My sweet baby boy turned one (yes, 6 weeks ago, but that’s beside the point), and we were so excited to celebrate him!! Although this post is quite late, I wanted to get it up anyway :).

Due to the fact that the majority of our resources–time, energy, and money–for Elliott’s birthday were dedicated to his House Build, I committed to keeping the party itself SIMPLE. But that didn’t mean we couldn’t have some fun :).

We had Elliott’s Birthday Banner up the whole week preceding his birthday.  Melisa and I designed and made this banner several months ago for Elliott out of the same material that my friend Amy made his quilt and wall hangings out of. We’ll add a new photo each year!

The Birthday Banner!

Let’s get this party started!

We went with a construction theme (of course). And with a few sheets of yellow cardstock, a Sharpie, our printer, some balloons, and some Spanish “Caution” tape, we had our decor.

Construction signs everywhere!
Some of our guests relaxing before lunch (American tacos, of course) is served.
The party game...putting Elliott's photos in order from 1-11 months old!
Brian designed the cupcake construction signs himself!
Cupcakes galore



Lighting Elliott's and the baby bump 🙂
Everyone's singing "Happy Birthday," and Elliott is LOVING it!!
Trying to explain that he has to blow out the candle...
"Mom, that's the silliest thing I've EVER heard!!"
"Seriously, Mom? No way! I'm feeling a bit candle shy today..."
"Helping him" blow it out before he grabs onto the flame...
"Now what do I do? "
"Oooh...I've never felt anything like THIS before..."
"Ehh...let me touch it with my right hand, too."
When, after a few minutes of poking and prodding this strange sugar phenomenon, it was clear that Elliott had deemed this object inedible, Brian helped him out.
"Whoa. Now that was different."
"Let me try that again. Is everyone still watching? Good."
"Wow. That is REALLY something."
"I'd better try one more bite."

Now, when Elliott really likes something that we’ve given him to eat, he either does one of two things: he smiles so big and waves at us, or, he wants to kiss us over and over again. As you may or may not know, Elliott’s kisses are VERY open-mouthed. So after about three bites, apparently he decided he liked it, and leaned in to give me kiss…

*Melt my heart*
We BOTH had a chocolate mustache after that smooch!!

He kissed me two or three times in a row, and every time he did, all of the party guests (of course) went, “Awww….” I think he really liked that, so after every kiss, he broke out into joyous applause for himself. It was awesome.

So pleased with himself for kissing Mommy. 🙂
My goodness, I love him!!!

Brian and I tried to take advantage of his smoozing with the camera to sneak in a family pic. Little did we know that Elliott had very much moved on already.

"Alright, alright...enough kissing and clapping. Lemme have another bite of that awesome goodness!"
Finally got a family birthday picture in there :).
"Mmmm. Now THAT was good. Talk about about satisfaction!"



Most of our DTS family
Mark, Korrin, and two of their boys--Noah (who apparently is camera shy) and Declan. Elliott looks up to these boys so much! We are grateful for these new friends who are on staff here for the next 2 years!
Louie, Taylor, Micah, Declan, Hailey, Elliott, Noah (Hunter had already gone home to take a nap)
Grandma & Grandpa Moberg with all the grandkids

 You know, it wasn’t easy thinking about the fact that Elliott’s first birthday would be far, far away from the people whom we love most dearly and from the people who love our sweet baby boy so much. But I am so grateful for how the Lord came through and made Elliott’s birthday lacking nothing. Don’t get me wrong–I missed my family tremendously and all of my dear friends spread across the globe. But Elliott’s birthday was rich. Rich with friendship, with love, with giving to a family in need. We are so grateful that Brian’s family could come down for the weekend, and that our DTS class adores Elliott and were all so excited to celebrate him. We are so grateful that Elliott has new friends here–Noah, Declan, Louie, Hunter and Parker–and most of them could make it to his party! We are grateful.

Happy 1st Birthday, Elliott Brian!!! What a joy it is to celebrate your life!!!

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