Alert! Party Zone!

Construction signs everywhere!

My sweet baby boy turned one (yes, 6 weeks ago, but that’s beside the point), and we were so excited to celebrate him!! Although this post is quite late, I wanted to get it up anyway :). Due to the fact that the majority of our resources–time, energy, and money–for Elliott’s birthday were dedicated to… Continue reading Alert! Party Zone!

Elliott’s First Christmas!

DISCLAIMER! I wrote this post the day after Christmas, and then was without internet to upload the photos! So, it’s late…but better late than never :). Enjoy! I remember last Christmas so vividly…not the presents, not the people, not the events…no, all of my thoughts were consumed with the idea that next Christmas we would have… Continue reading Elliott’s First Christmas!

Welcome Micah James!

Our sweet nephew was born to Kevin and Tabitha on June 3, 2011. He and Elliott are so close in age; it’s going to be so fun watching them grow up together! I’ve been so excited to see what he looks like to see if these cousins would look anything alike! Although their stats so… Continue reading Welcome Micah James!

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