Double Digits, Dude

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Our son is officially in the double digits!! The big 1-0!! 10 MONTHS!!! The next time we’ll be able to say that will be when he is 10 years old, which feels like it’s going to happen in the blink of an eye. March 20, 2021 is practically next week! Well, big surprise—Elliott continues to… Continue reading Double Digits, Dude

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Livin’ La Vida en Mexico

Here’s a little glimpse into our world here! We spend pretty much every day on the YWAM base so we thought we’d let you into our lives through some pictures :). The Defender Center, which is the main building on the YWAM base here, is where all of our meetings and meals are held. It… Continue reading Livin’ La Vida en Mexico

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Elliott’s First Christmas!

DISCLAIMER! I wrote this post the day after Christmas, and then was without internet to upload the photos! So, it’s late…but better late than never :). Enjoy! I remember last Christmas so vividly…not the presents, not the people, not the events…no, all of my thoughts were consumed with the idea that next Christmas we would have… Continue reading Elliott’s First Christmas!