4 Months of Glory

Elliott Brian, 4 months
Elliott is officially 4 months old!

I can’t believe how much Elliott has grown up this last month…it’s just the greatest joy in the world to watch…!

Elliott now weighs 16 lbs 5oz and is 27 1/4 inches tall! What a mighty little man!!

Here are LOTS of highlights from the last month of Elliott’s life!

the evolution of the jumper toy

Brian has been soooo excited to put Elliott in this bouncer since he was *very little*. Check out these first three pictures. Elliott is about a month and a half old, and Brian just really, really, really wanted him to be able to play in it :). 

A month and a half old in the Jumper
Even on the lowest setting his feet weren’t even close to reaching the bottom, so Brian put this large textbook underneath him so his feet would touch :). 
Look how little he is!!!

Well, we tried again just after his 3 month birthday and he was *instantly* captivated with all of the colors and pictures. As soon as we put him in it, he just stared at the cartoons on the side for several minutes. I love watching his brain tick!

He loves his new bouncy toy!
“Look at how I can keep my head up now!”
“…and I’m finally tall enough to reach the floor!”

 Just a few days later he began to intentionally reach for and grab things, not just unconsciously grab objects. I caught it on camera as he, for the first time, noticed this little bear and reached for him over and over. 

Very near his four month birthday he started playing with the little rings on the bouncy toy. He sees them, reaches for them, and slides them back and forth! Good job, little buddy!!

this month, he found his toes

he’s started sucking his thumb

he wants to crawl so badly!

It was  hard to get a great picture of it, but he LOVES tucking his knees under him and scooting himself forward.  Every time we put him on his back, he instantly rolls over onto his tummy, but after a few minutes he gets really frustrated because he wants to MOVE…but he can’t! He can also rotate himself in a complete circle while on his tummy, but still doesn’t know how to roll over onto his back again.

he is trying to sit up

He can “sit up” by himself for a bout 3.5 seconds, and then he falls over :). 

he is starting to grow some hair!!!

This is the worst quality picture ever, but look! Look!! He’s just come from taking a bath and you can see all of his little hairs matted together! He’s not completely bald!!

first family vacation…San Diego!

which included his first plane ride

Getting ready to feed him for take-off!

Sooo happy standing on the tray table!

We got him his very first teething book (he can chew on the corners) for the plane ride so he would have something new, fun, and quiet to do during the flight :). 

his first foreign country

Check out my last post: The Mexican Mobergs

his first swim

Baby Shark and Daddy Shark

What a full month we have had!! And, finally, here are a few of my favorite candid shots of him from this last month… Hope you enjoy our little man’s face as much as we do :).

Gross, yes…but a true glimpse into our world of spit up :).


  1. In some of these pictures he looks so much like you, and in some he looks like a Brian clone! He's so handsome, either way. I love seeing pics of him here. Keep them coming!

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