Blogging Backwards

If blogging backwards were an Olympic event, I’m sure I could win a gold medal.

What is “blogging backwards”, you ask? Well, it’s a beautiful sport for those of us who can’t seem to blog on time. Namely, me.

May is such a BEAUTIFUL month. This year especially. It’s always had my birthday in it, but this year two very special events were added in my world: Mother’s Day, and Elliott’s second month birthday. To top it off, Doug, Melanie, & Fable came to visit! And don’t you worry–we took hundreds of pictures to capture every event… It’s just that I haven’t had time to post them. So finally, here I am. In June, (at least it’s still June 3rd!) posting about our glorious month of May. So you’ll have to go backwards and click on the little “May” link or, of course, just keep scrolling, scrolling, scrolling down to see everything, but I guarantee it’ll be worth every click and scroll. I am sure you will fall in love with our sweet little Elliott over and over again.

Here are a couple of random pictures from May to salt your trail a little…

Does he take your breath away like he takes mine?

Just chillin’ in the bumbo! Thanks, Aunty Emmy for my cool seat!! 

Hahahaha! Look at this face!!! Do you think he saw a spider or something?!?
In recent news, Elliott has become SOOOO aware of us! Besides lighting up when he sees one of our faces, his eyes follow us around the room now! He watches us walk around and just stares at everything we do. It is so fun to watch these learning milestones in his life!!

I’d like to say that I’ll try and do better posting on time from here on out, but let’s be real…it’s only going to get more difficult as the days, weeks, and months go on. So, like I said…hand over the Gold Medal :). 

Hope you enjoy the posts from May!

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