My Birthday!

A few favorites from my birthday:

1. Having the gift of sweet baby Elliott.
2. Getting to spend another birthday with my Love.
3. Celebrating with several of my dearest friends.

A couple things I missed on my birthday:

1. My family. Holidays make it even harder that they’re far away…
2. My Colorado friends and my dear friend Danielle (who lives in Hawaii now). But I got to talk to/text with most of them, which was so very special!

We started off my birthday with a bang–BIG BREAKFAST SUNDAY. Only it was Saturday. But still. Anyhow, we had French Toast with strawberries and eggs. Delicious. Then, the three of us ventured out to the mall to try and find me a few new tops that actually FIT (all of my shirts are TOO SHORT post pregnancy! Ahhh, so annoying!!). Then we came home and I got ready while Brian and the Dorseys set up for my birthday party extravaganza.

A side note: My friends Chrisy & John (the Dorseys) are AWESOME. Not only are they dear friends, but they are the finest cooks on this side of the state. I LOVE when they cook for us. I would choose them any day over any restaurant (well, maybe I would pick Salty’s on Alki a time or two…) :). Anyhow, what I wanted for my birthday was to have a few close friends come over for dinner and dessert, and so (of course) Brian made it happen. 🙂

So the Dorsey Diner opened up for business and created the most incredible meal ever: Steak, fresh green beans, salad, mashed potatoes and the most amazing rendition of sweet potato casserole in the entire world. It was like a party in my mouth.

Melisa is going into business (you will want to buy everything she creates, I promise!) and so she decorated our house with some pretties from her “Suzy Line” (you’re welcome, Melisa, for coming up with the perfect name for your new birthday line). Check out the “Happy Birthday” banner and the decorations in the dining room.

Mi familia

The sweetest gift

I have some pretty amazing friends…

The soon-to-be Rhees!

The Basses and Michael Parker (our good friend visiting from AZ!)

The Hilarious Harrises. Love them.

My beautiful (and did I mention SINGLE…come on, guys!!) dear friends Julie & Erika

My Love

I had to include this picture because I think it just might be the only picture EVER taken where I’m NOT looking at the camera! How did that happen?!? And to top it off, everyone else IS looking at the camera! In my old age, I must be losing my superpower of always knowing where the camera is…

To end a perfectly perfect evening, we ordered a (drum roll please) Cake Batter Ice Cream Cake with Cookie Dough and Chocolate Shavings. Glory of God in a cake.

The aftermath:

You know it’s a good party when it takes you a week to clean everything up.

Thank you, friends, for celebrating me so well!! I am so loved. 🙂

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