If I could make a livin’ out of lovin’ you…

…I’d be a millionaire in a week or two!

I cannot tell you how many times daily this song runs through my head. Clay Walker knew what he was talking about when he wrote this little ditty.

I love my husband so incredibly much…and he loves me so well. I wake up each morning and think, If only it could be as simple as loving each other, and getting paid to do so… We’d be doin’ what we love and lovin’ what we do…

We have barely broached the subject of “What’s next?” because there have been so many current life/job details to tie up. Yet, we remain full of peace and excitement for what’s ahead.

The morning that I woke up in the hospital, I heard this Scripture ringing through my head: “The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness!!” (Lamentations 3:23)

I couldn’t get it out of my system…I was overflowing with gratitude for His new mercies every single day… This is a promise to His children! His love is steadfast and it never ceases…the power in these words is extraordinary, and I heard it with new ears that morning.

That afternoon, when we received the call about KLM, I knew it was no accident that that was the Scripture the Lord put on my heart that morning. He set me up for a total win in my spirit that day: I knew instantly that the news was not “bad,” it was His mercy. And when you have that perspective, it’s really difficult to not be at peace. When you know it’s His mercy that the company collapsed, then you don’t wish it were still intact. You are thankful that He orchestrated everything so perfectly that, despite your great efforts to keep it running, His will prevailed. It’s these moments that I am so thankful that God’s hand is so much stronger than our own hands. Because He is Sovereign. And I want His Sovereignty to control our lives, not our striving and good intentions.

I met with a woman who has had a similar experience; the company she and her husband owned collapsed several years ago. Praise God for men and women who have gone before us, with the faith to follow the Lord and not give in to the world’s ways of fear, anxiety, and materialism. Praise God! In the three hours I met with her, I was filled with unction, faith, and direction for my heart. I could write a book on the wisdom she shared with me, but there is one particular word that stands out the most. She said, “We knew God was saving us from a life of mediocrity.”

And that did it. It was the nail in my coffin of any temptation to fear that God was not in control of our lives. Brian and I have both prayed over the years that we would be saved from a life of mediocrity, and I know God has, is and will honor our cry. And so again, I rest assured that He allowed KLM to slip through His hands–for His glory and for our sakes. He is saving us from things we cannot even fathom. His mercies have rained down upon us afresh in this new day.

And so we stand, in faith. Knowing He is God. Hallelujah.

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  1. Wow. I cannot believe how similar your story is to ours. I said the same thing in your Baby Moby post! Crazy! We have gone through something very similar to you in the past year. I was not praising God for it the way you are, but am now getting there and I see God's hand at work. I am so thankful for where He is taking us and excited to see where he takes you. I can't wait to talk about it when we catch up. I will be praying for your family at this time of great change!

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