Officially showing…14 Weeks!

From the moment we informed people about our pregnancy, people have been saying to me, “Well you look great!” Which, I’ll be honest, has baffled me a bit. Were they expecting me to gain 50 pounds upon conception? I’d BETTER look great NOW or else I’d have a REAL problem in 8 months! 🙂

I lost a few pounds (thanks to my obsession with vomiting the last 2 1/2 months) and so starting about two weeks ago (at 12 weeks) you could see a small, but definitely pronounced, little tiny baby bump because I didn’t have any tummy left to hide it. So some people at that point said, “I see a little bump…but you look great!” At about that time was the first time I could feel myself needing the “you look great” affirmation, so at that point I WAS thankful for everyone’s kind remarks. But if you didn’t know me you would for sure just think I pigged out at lunch and decided not to hold my belly in. 

Well, yesterday, EVERYTHING CHANGED. From the instant I walked into our church building, I had friends shout from across the room, “You’ve got a belly!!” Literally–every single person I saw put their hand on my “belly” and awed at how huge I’ve become. No you-look-great’s last night! Only, “Wow, you’ve got a huge belly!” It’s so hilarious that suddenly, for the first time in my life, it’s okay to be fat. I suck in my tummy as far as I can, and my belly still sticks out. I must say, I did have one very kind friend tell me that if you didn’t know I was pregnant, you wouldn’t be able to tell. 

The most ironic part to me is that today I went in for a check-up and they weighed me. I happened to be in the clinic exactly 10 days ago, and when they weighed me then I was still about 4 pounds under my pre-pregnancy starting weight. Well, today when they weighed me, I had apparently gained back all 4 of those pounds, and I’m now back to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m sorry…did you catch you that? I’VE GAINED 4 POUNDS IN 10 DAYS. And I’m still throwing up almost daily! How does that happen?!? If I continue at this rate, I will gain 73 more pounds before giving birth! Ah! 

Anyway, that’s not even my point. My point is this: That, last night, I was (apparently) back at my PRE-pregnancy weight, and it was the first time that everyone I saw commented on how big my belly was. Umm…I’m starting to wonder if people have ALWAYS thought I had a big belly…? I mean, I know I’ve skimped on the sit-ups the last few years, but did I have a weight problem that I didn’t even know about?? Friends, if any of you would like to have a care-front with me, I am open.

But really, the truth is, I LOVE having a belly :). I cannot WAIT to get bigger and bigger and bigger and actually have a reason to wear maternity clothes! I cannot WAIT to sport my belly with pride! For those of you that know me well, you know that I have ALWAYS loved to push my belly out as far as I can and hold it as if I were pregnant. I can’t even remember ever NOT loving to caress my belly as if it contained a sweet baby. People used to get really uncomfortable when I would do that, but NOW look at who’s caressing my belly! Every friend and perfect stranger that I see! So don’t call ME crazy…

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