Selah’s TwoTwo Celebration!

Get it? Like tutu…but TWOTWO…? Haha…okay, moving on :).

We spent A LOT of time thinking and talking about what would really bless our little girl on her birthday this year. She doesn’t really have any friends her age, because most of her friends are 3 and 4 year old boys! What she loves most is to jump, swing, climb, hang and tumble. We recently enrolled her in a gymnastics class to help grow her natural talent and love for gymnastics, but we ultimately decided the best thing to do for her birthday was build something in our basement where she could swing and climb and hang to her heart’s delight any time she wanted to. We looked into buying them and wowsers–they are NOT cheap!! So, Selah’s UNBELIEVABLY AWESOME Daddy designed his own set for just the cost of a 2×4 and a few simple rings, bars, ropes, etc. to hang from it. So impressed :). Pictures below…

So, we had a super simple birthday party for our sweet Selah B this year. The colors were purple (her FAVORITE color) and gold (because isn’t everything better with a little gold glitter?!). I made her a special outfit, Brian made her the INCREDIBLE new gymnastics play set in our basement, and we had the grandparents over for dinner. It was a special afternoon/evening, followed by a birthday dinner at Red Robin on her actual birthday. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE celebrating?!! Such a joy to celebrate our little girl.

The morning of her birthday celebration, we let her open up her first little gift:


Nail polish!
This is the very first time I’ve painted her nails!
I love when her little bottom lip sticks out like this…the moments that she’s concentrating REALLY hard…
Purple with sparkles, of course :).

She took a nap, and Brian helped me decorate like crazy. She woke up to this:

Purple & gold!
Her TwoTwo cake!
And her TwoTwo outfit. Shirt and skirt made by yours truly! (Well, I bought the plain cream shirt but added the bling myself ;)).
Brian brought her down the stairs…
She was so sweet pointing and naming everything she saw…
This is such a classic “Selah” snuggle…a shy little smile and she snuggles into you when she’s excited about what she sees!
She LOVES her Nonna!!
I took her upstairs to put on her special TwoTwo outfit, and she just LIT up…along with lighting up the room!!
Then we brought her downstairs to her biggest birthday surprise…
Needless to say, she was VERY excited to see multiple objects that she could hang from hanging from the ceiling!!
This is what she saw!
And this is what she did!
This is our little gymnast!!
She could eat, sleep, and live like this…seriously!
She loves the rope ladder!
…and the rope swing!
We also got our thrill baby this little roller coaster :).
Um, she loves it :).
Periodically she would stop her tumbling and swinging and go hug someone :).
Or stand on her head :).
Time for cake!
My darling two year old!
Twins with her cake!
Happy birthday to you!
She conquered those two candles!!
The out-of-town grandparents!
The in-town grandparents!
Y la familia 🙂

HER ACTUAL BIRTHDAY! The morning of her birthday we went to the park with some friends.

Because there’s nothing like a little excavating on your birthday!
And who WOULDN’T want to crawl inside a giant hippo on your birthday?
After her nap, she laid on my bed with me and just SNUGGLED me for soooo long, which is not something my active little girl usually likes to do :). I was so blessed.
We blew up a purple balloon!

Daddy got home from work and Grandma, Grandpa, Elliott, Selah and I all loaded into the car…

…and brought this bright 2 year old to Red Robin!
We ADORE her….


She got several super sweet gifts, but I won’t include every picture I took from her birthday here :). One of her favorites was this baby doll we got her. She ADORES real babies, and so we wanted to get her a “real-looking” baby doll. She was IN LOVE immediately. (That is, until her Aunt Amber, Uncle Jeff, and cousins got her a DIFFERENT baby doll that has far trumped this one, haha!!)
She studied every detail on her baby…
…including how her eyes opened and closed…

Then, she went downstairs to discover that Grandma and Grandpa had gotten her two play mats to put beneath the swinging things!

She was SO thrilled, and ran and jumped on them with her baby in hand.
And did a somersault…
…with her baby in hand!
She showed her baby her new roller coaster.
But did set her down to do this :).

What JOY to celebrate our wonderful two year old!!! I think she was blessed. She certainly slept well that night…

…baby in hand :).

Happy second birthday, our wonderful Selah B!!!!!

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