Summa’ Time

[WARNING: This blog post got really, really, really super long…! That’s what happens when you blog about an entire SUMMER in one post!] I’ll admit. Our first few months here, we were pretty swamped. With YWAM training, with my first trimester, with adjusting to life in a foreign country, with Elliott’s first birthday and house… Continue reading Summa’ Time

So grateful.

Today is one of those days, where I wake up and am flooded with gratitude from the moment my day begins. Not because life is easy right now. Not because we have everything figured out. Not because I slept well. Not because I’m comfortable. But because God is good. So, so good. I am overwhelmed… Continue reading So grateful.

The Baby Beta Belly

One day, Suzanna and I were waiting in the border line and we had a conversation that went something like this: Me: “Hey, I’d really love to take some pregnancy family photos, and I was wondering if you were any good at taking pictures…?” Suzanna (without hesitation and with a huge smile): “No!! I’m not!!… Continue reading The Baby Beta Belly