It’s the little things

It’s the little things about Elliott that take my breath away…it’s the little things that I love. That’s such a cliche term, I almost hate to write it. But that’s all I could think about all day long…Those few words, running through my head all day. It’s the little things about Elliott that I simply… Continue reading It’s the little things

Then & Now

Then…MY FIRST PREGNANCY Now…MY SECOND PREGNANCY   Then…Maternity clothes starting in the THIRD trimester… Now…maternity clothes starting in the FIRST trimester. Then…Throwing up around the clock Now…throwing up at the most three times a day (hence, the maternity clothes sooner)   Then…Couldn’t keep any food or liquid down in the middle of the night… Now…eating… Continue reading Then & Now

Alert! Party Zone!

Construction signs everywhere!

My sweet baby boy turned one (yes, 6 weeks ago, but that’s beside the point), and we were so excited to celebrate him!! Although this post is quite late, I wanted to get it up anyway :). Due to the fact that the majority of our resources–time, energy, and money–for Elliott’s birthday were dedicated to… Continue reading Alert! Party Zone!