Tribute to Daddy-O

Brian is not your typical dad, in that no sports game, round of golf, or cigar smoke with his buddies can entice this dad away on Father’s Day. All he asked for was to be with us. So we spent the day staring at sweet Elliott, and ooing and ahhing over every little move he made.

That is, until I accidentally fell asleep after putting Elliott down for a nap. Two and a half hours later, I awoke to the garage door opening…apparently Mr. Dad snuck out and wandered the aisles of Home Depot & Lowes. Okay, okay…so I guess there are two things that can pull him away from his dear family :).

Elliott picked out a special shirt to wear to celebrate his dad’s first Father’s Day:

Like father, like son…!

Elliott and I made Brian a (pretty dang cute) card for Father’s Day. On the front is a picture of the two of them with the quote, “My father didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.” (Clarence Budington Kelland)

Elliott’s middle name is Brian for a purpose. There is no other man on earth that I would rather have my son grow up watching and learning from than Brian Moberg. Brian–brave, strong, and true. I believe Elliott will embody these same traits as his father! Elliott gets to grow up watching his dad lead his family boldly, love & cherish his wife deeply, and fear the Lord whole-heartedly. Brian will never need to tell Elliott to do these things one day…his life is the perfect example for our son. I couldn’t possibly ask for more…

And, on a much more surface-y, less deep note…he’s shaping up to look just like his Daddy-O, which is…AWE-SOME.!!! We could use a few more good-looking men in this world!!!

Happy Father’s Day to the greatest Dad Elliott could ever ask for. I love you, my Love. 

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