Happy 1 Month Birthday!

In some ways, it feels like we’ve had Elliott our entire lives. In others, it seems like we just got home from the hospital yesterday. Each day feels like 10 days, but at the same time I get to the end of the day and find myself saying, “Where did today go?!?” My life is like one big oxymoron right now.

Elliott turned one month old yesterday!!!! He’s practically on his way to college…(sniff, sniff)…

Grandma and Grandpa Moberg came over and the four of us enjoyed some dee-licious Mint Mud Pie in honor of Elliott’s big day. Hey, maybe he even got some mint chocolate milk out of the deal :).

Get a load of our special delivery!

“Put ’em up!”

“Smile, Elliott!” “Who, me?”

All tuckered out from partying so hard
Elliott, you have enriched our lives in every way. You make even the 2 o’clock hour the most glorious time of the day because we get to spend it with you. You are the cutest, brightest, smartest, stretchy-est, strongest, tallest, and skinniest 1 month old in the entire world. You are perfect, and we adore you in every way. 

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