Palm Springs Glory

Brian had the best idea to get away for a few days…

The details came together so seamlessly, that we were convinced God was behind this. We got an INCREDIBLE deal on a beautiful 2 bedroom condo for 7 days, and Brian suggested that this might be the perfect week to get away, celebrate a quite belated 1st Anniversary, have un-distracted time away from normal life to get to really seek God for this next season, and, at the end of our week Lance Wallnau happened to be speaking just 30 minutes away from our condo. Perfect.

Our 10 days away were simply glorious. I had a MUCH better flying experience this time (my only condition for going was that we scheduled an AFTERNOON flight…) and it was in the 90s every day that we were there. Our condo was beautiful, and even had black-out shades which were perfect for me, who now takes almost daily morning naps. We even ended up getting an 8th day there TOTALLY FREE–thank you, God!! There is nothing more wonderful than getting DAYS away from daily life with your husband, with the only goal being to spend time together and with God… I was in Heaven.

Here are some fun highlights from our 10 days in Glory Springs…

Brian took me to a Japanese Steak House dinner at the hotel connected with our Villa for our “Anniversary Dinner.” We arrived there via boat (how fun is THAT?!) and it was a delightful little restaurant. Brian had been there many times before, and was telling me that sometimes the cook will challenge you to see if you can catch a shrimp in your mouth from several feet away. He was so excited because of what a great value it is… “You can get like 10 shrimp FREE just by being willing to catch them in your mouth!!!” I just laughed, and hoped that our cook would be one of these adventurous ones to satisfy my husband’s value check-off of the day :).

Sure enough, he was! Brian was TOTALLY the star of the restaurant…everyone was watching him! I think the chef threw him like 20 shrimp! And Brian caught a ton of them!

Look at how determined Brian is! Free shrimp is no joking matter.
Oh yeah! Right in his mouth, baby!
NOW people are watching! He had the whole restaurant cheering for him!

 We had mentioned it was our anniversary, and the chef made this cute little design for us out of fried rice and sesame :).

Our adorable, hilarious chef.

On the way back to our condo we discovered…CHRISTMAS CUPS ARE OUT at Starbucks!!!

Happy November, Everyone!!!!

Our little man shining through in my favorite dress 🙂

Another HUGE highlight were the outlet malls in Palm Springs. We stopped into a Carter’s and everything was 50-60% off!!! A new mommy’s dream!!! It’s a good thing Brian was there, or else I may have purchased every baby boy item in the entire store… It’s irresistible!!!!

We managed to make it out with just 4 outfits…the very first outfits we’ve bought for our baby boy! It was pure delight picking these out for him…we were both smiling from ear to ear the whole time!!

Look at this striped polo shirt!!! He will be a Mini-Brian!! 🙂

Another fun highlight is that Baby MoBoy GREW A TON while we were there!! Look at how HUGE I am all of a sudden!! The difference between last week and this week is so noticeable! This is also the first real maternity clothing item I’ve worn…I bought this cute skirt right before we left!


We attended the Lance Wallnau conference over the last weekend we were there (only Brian went to the mornings and I joined him for the evenings). Brian was SO encouraged to be around so many believers who are like-hearted and like-minded again. It’s just such a unique, dynamic group of business leaders and world-changers! Both of us were blown away at the INCREDIBLE amount of love we were met with in being there. There were 10-15ish people who had also been at the Mazatlan conference, and all of them not only remembered us, but greeted us with hugs and genuine interest in how we were doing, how I was doing, how our baby was doing… We just LOVE Lance’s assistant Deborah, and she absolutely went out of her way to bless us and make us feel so welcomed and loved while we were there. What a JOY to be there, connecting with believers across the country & world, watching powerful breakthroughs occur in hearts, and watching Jesus be glorified among every word spoken…

All in all, it was an amazing 10 days away…we had so much time together playing, praying & celebrating. We watched our wedding video again and remembered with such joy every detail of that day that has changed our lives forever. We talked to and about our baby constantly, dreaming about & anticipating his entrance into the outside world. It was a week filled with remembering, anticipating, celebrating, hoping, and dreaming. Thank you, God, for the gift of Palm Springs!!

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  1. You are such a doll. I love reading your blog updates. I always feel so much joy while reading them, because you are so full of joy. So glad that you got to have an amazing little trip away with your husband!

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