It’s Tweet to be ONE!

Happiest 1st birthday, Baby Bean...what a JOY to celebrate you!!!!

There are few things more fun in life than celebrating the life of your children. Yes, I DO celebrate them every day of their lives…but once a year, a super special date rolls around, and I get to go a little above-and-beyond. My baby girl only turns one once!!! A few good friends flapped on… Continue reading It’s Tweet to be ONE!

Selah the ONEderful!!

How do you explain the awesome wonders of the twelfth month of Selah’s life in one post? How do you sum up the ONEderfulness of the first year of Selah Bean’s existence? How do you solve a problem like Maria? Like this. She walks. She talks.  Her favorite words are, “Up!”, “Heh-whoa” (hello), “Hi,” “Bye-bye”,… Continue reading Selah the ONEderful!!