Selah B, 9 months!

Happy 4th of July!

She just keeps getting bigger, folks….she just keeps growing, GROWING, GROWING!!! Selah had many fun milestones this month. She took her first swim and started waving for the first time! She’s been standing for a few seconds on her own and eats seconds on all the finger food she is now eating ENTIRELY by herself… Continue reading Selah B, 9 months!

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Out of the mouths of toddlers…

See the teacher driving the tractor?

Most days, Elliott completely overwhelms me. I honestly just marvel at the intricacies of how God made him…and live in a constant overflowing gratitude that God picked HIM to be our son… He is so stinking smart. Brian and I can be having a conversation, in the other room, in our total “adult” language (fast,… Continue reading Out of the mouths of toddlers…

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