Elliott’s First Haircut!

Thought Elliott’s locks were adorable, he was starting to look like a wild child. So we ventured into San Diego to make his very first hair cut a fun event. The coolest part was, Grandpa and Nonna arrived for a week long visit at the EXACT right time and got to be there!  

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Selah B, 1 month old!

1 month old, laying on her special handmade blanket from Nonna

Selah Bethany (Selah B, Selah Love, Little S, Selah Insert-random-middle-name-here-like-Daddy-does…) is one month old! You hear every parent say it, but I don’t know how to communicate the sentiment in a less cliche way… She is growing up SO. INCREDIBLY. FAST.  I don’t remember feeling quite this sad about growth acceleration with Elliott. Maybe because… Continue reading Selah B, 1 month old!

The Day That Selah Came Part II


The Day That Selah Came–Part II Click here to read Part I It’s amazing how when something goes right, you realize how wrong it was before. In retrospect, I have even more confidence that the c-section was exactly the right call with Elliott. I know it may sound crazy, but despite the facts, there was always this teeny,… Continue reading The Day That Selah Came Part II